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Comming to the change of seasons not the end....

The beown leaves are well and truely here the country lanes are covered with those glistening carpets of leaves already. Funny realy as i was sat on the beach baking on sunday, and swimming yesterday in the sea making the most of it. Yet 8 hours later when i finished work i was driving home in the rain and digging out my SFT gloves for the start of the winter. 
Now many Bass anglers will be dreading the impending winter setting in and polishing the gear and storing for the winter months, but not all round rock anglers no siree.... We don't stop we only change tactics or lures. I haven't stopped fishing since i started now winter lrf spring hrf and through the summer mixing it up. 
A fantastic year has been had many many bass falling to both styles, wrasse in the many hundreds marker the same with pollock, sea trout salmon, rainbow trout all falling to the same methods in both fresh and saltwater. 
I have taken a few weeks off to recoupe after many things over the past 8 months personaly including my mother suffering multiple heart attacks and a bloody stroke and helping her through this period though things are looking up. 
This in turn taught me a lesson, nothing is simple learn new ways and understand the principles that are within this and you will go further... This year i have been refining my own styles and continue to do so. I remember saying a couple of years ago now to Ben field of the art of fishing i only need a couple of rods..... To which he is never going to let me live down i'm sure... since saying that i have bought a complete set of Century HPR rods, a major craft zalts solid tip and a tubular tip to match it, a garbolino magistar2 rareniums, a roves crosa 2000, and still have another 2 rods and another reel on this years list. Then i will have a complete working set and spares to lend people to try out the diciplines. Don't get me started on bait casting rods lol...
Though we have seen an upturn in rock fishing curcles with people comming up to us localy, ranging from students to police officers and trying out put rods and then going off and buying light game and hard game kit. 
A few weeks ago a local police officer was stopped chatting to us and was considering rods ect so i rigged up all mine and showed him the subtle differences. I find last night he bought a zalts solid tip and rarenium to match my own kit and is lookng forwards to fishing with us soon. 
The specialist forums over at JBG have seen an increased membership of late, and thefacebook group i started for rockfish has passed the 100 members worldwide marker. I have been researching more and have big plans for 2012, this year i have dedicated myself to fishing hrf more and more and my personal results have spoken for themselves. So now next year apply all that i have learnt this year and go onto bigger and better things again. 
The Century HPR's have proven their worth time and time again, though they have qualities that have been built in that i never shared i knew of them before i even owned them but never went nito details to be honest. 
As i did mention at some point each rod was purpose built 7'3 close range, pitching and flipping, 7'7 carolina rigging and hard plastics, 9ft soft needle and hard neele minnow rod. Well the casting weights? This is a bone of contention they were designed and rated for feelat distances, i have chucked out well above the marked casting weights on my rods and they loved it. I take no responseabilty for what you do with your rods it's my own choice but 3oz on the 7'7 goes a hell of a way i can tell you, bait fishing for bass on the 9ft with 2oz + bait? Yep who said these rods were sole purpose? 7'3 2 oz and fished hard yep been there too. It is largely down to the materials used. I remember ready the hard syntrix reviews of chaps in the Florida keys landing sharks on the 7wt trout fly rods!!!! This is the exact same materials though autoclaved by Century so they are more than up to the task i can assure you of that. Yet they retain sensativity far beyond that of many other top end rod makers. 
So until next time tight lines all..

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