poniedziałek, 9 września 2013

What starts with a 3 and ends in a 7?

Well for the first time in a long while i am truely lost for words this evening i decided to do a big pig hunt this morning. As after sorting other bits and pieces that i needed to do this morning. I headed out to an old mark i havent fished in 25 years or so though i remember the ground there like the back of my hand. So starting off tight left i had a few nipe from the first cast in and things were looking promising. 
So i moved to a gulley system fishing into 3ft of water and the gale force winds were nuts I held the rod straight and the lure was @90" angles!! Then the rain arrived horizontaly stinging rain wind and i'm getting bites. I opted to take the 7'3 HPR this morning with a 0.8pe braid and 5 gram texas rig using the snowbee stinger lures proven fish caters in my parts. Well casting away and concentrating to feel whats happening with the wind that was gaining and nip nip bang fish on a massive struggle ensued and i managed to land a fish of 4lb 11oz 

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