poniedziałek, 9 września 2013

This time last year what were we doing?

I have just sat going through the photos in the archives from the past 12 months. Last September i had a mark nailed for what i thought back then were big pigs... I was landing 2-3 fish a session on a regular basis and very happy with that. 
Then fast forward to now and what has happened?? I have landed 20+ fish in a single session, Had several fish over 5lb, 4 fish over 6lb and 1 breaking the magical 7lb barrier!!!! I stopped counting on the species i had caught this year when i hit 20 seperate species using the rockfish styles only. 
Conversations with Keith White that we could look at catching Bream on lures? Surely it couldn;t be done or could it? Well 70 Bream later i think we have proven this can be done easily by merely patterning fish behaviour and matching the lure size colour ect and hook size to the quarry you are chasing. 

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