poniedziałek, 9 września 2013

Forget sitting on a rocky ledge with 13ft rough ground rods, pack away the 6oz grippers. Instead pick up the Light lure rods, soft plastics, a small selction of jig heads, hard plastics net and sanity your in for a hell of a ride...... 

HRF (Hard rock fishing) or LRF (Light rock fishing) originated in Japan and has been altered slightly to suit the Uk fishing we do. Rods ranging from 0.3-4 grams casting weight through to 3-25 grams casting weight on average. Soft Lures, hard lures, metals they all have a place. 

The quarry? This is where it gets realy interesting, fishing or scorpion fish through to double figure bass and all in between, transfering the rock fish techniques to freshwater the ends are limitless.... 
Let the journey begin.. 

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